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Meet Your Pilates Studio: Behind the Scenes at West Hollywood Pilates

Welcome to a sneak peek behind the scenes at your local LA Pilates studio – West Hollywood Pilates! As a Conscious Creator, you value community and connection, so we're giving you an intimate look at what makes our Pilates studio so special.

Our Founders

West Hollywood Pilates is the brainchild of Yonatan and Jaime Elkayam, dedicated

West Hollywood Pilates founder, Yonatan Elkayam, practicing the Pilates hundreds on the tower, exemplifying the comprehensive wellness services at our Pilates and wellness studio in West Hollywood.

health professionals, and Reiki Masters. Yonatan’s background in classical Pilates, Reiki and sound healing, coupled with Jaime’s knowledge of functional movement and Reiki, provides a unique blend of services that holistically address body, mind, and spirit.

Their vision was to create more than just a Pilates studio; they wanted to build an urban sanctuary where individuals could enhance their strength, mobility, and connection in a serene and supportive environment.

Our Space

Our studio is located at the lively intersection of Highland Ave. and Melrose Ave., but once you step inside, it feels like you’ve entered an oasis away from the city’s hustle and hum. Bathed in natural light and adorned with lush greenery, our space embodies tranquility.

We’re equipped with top-quality Contrology Pilates equipment, true to Joseph Pilates’ original specifications. Each piece of equipment, from the mat to the reformer, the tower, and the ladder barrel, is purposefully selected to offer the most authentic Pilates experience.

Our Philosophy

We believe in holistic fitness, combining the core principles of Pilates with functional training tools like the Vipr, kettlebells, and body weight training. But we go beyond just physical training; our approach integrates breathwork, meditation, and alignment to cultivate a deeper connection to self.

At West Hollywood Pilates, each session is personalized, considering your unique needs and goals. We set intentions at the beginning of each session and weave them throughout the experience, allowing for more profound transformations over time.

Our Client Experience

Unlock your body's potential at our Pilates studio in Los Angeles, founder, Jaime Elkayam, performing a challenging Contrology ladder barel routine

We're proud to share that many of our clients describe their time at our Pilates studio in West Hollywood as transformative. One client shared, "My body has transformed since I began to work with Yonatan... I am so glad with my results so far and really enjoying my continued path on strengthening and flexibility."

Another praised our approach by stating, "Yonatan offers creative, playful sessions that keep the body and the mind guessing. His approach is inquisitive and kind, empowering you to reach just beyond your limit."

Join Our Community

West Hollywood Pilates is more than just a Pilates studio in Los Angeles; it's a community, a sanctuary, and a place for personal growth. If you're seeking a deeper, more loving connection with your body, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Come discover why we are considered one of the best Pilates studios in West Hollywood.

Book online or email us directly at

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