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A dedicated woman performing a precise twist movement on a Pilates Tower Reformer in our West Hollywood Pilates sanctuary. Her focus on this functional exercise underlines our studio's dedication to individual health, strength, and longevity, enhancing the unique wellness journey of our community members. Click the link to go to

Our story

Welcome to West Hollywood Pilates, your sanctuary in the heart of Los Angeles. Located on Highland Ave, just north of Melrose. Our studio offers more than just a space to exercise—it's an oasis where mind, body, and spirit come together in harmony, creating an experience that's truly transformative.

We, the founders, Yonatan and Jaime Elkayam, were inspired by a vision to craft a space where the core tenets of Pilates, functional movement, meditation, and Reiki coalesce, delivering a one-of-a-kind experience focused on long-term health, strength, and longevity. As dedicated health professionals and Reiki Masters, we are passionate about using the transformative power of mindful movement and healing to guide our clients on their journey to optimal health.

Here at West Hollywood Pilates, we're not just another LA Pilates studio—we're a haven for balanced believers. We cater to the creative professional or business owner, the lifelong learner, and the individual who craves a deeper, more loving connection with their body. Our clients seek more than just a quick-fix solution; they are in pursuit of a lifetime of wellness.

Our space reflects this serene, vibrant philosophy. Bathed in natural light and brimming with lush greenery, our studio is equipped with the highest quality Contrology Pilates equipment, designed to Joseph Pilates' original specifications. This tranquil ambiance lends to our holistic approach to health and fitness, contributing to the feeling of stepping into a sanctuary away from the city.

Our offerings encompass classical Pilates, blending the use of mat, reformer, tower, and ladder barrel with functional training tools such as the Vipr, kettlebells, Indian clubs, and body weight training. We consider every individual's unique needs and goals, creating personalized sessions that not only challenge the body but also nourish the mind and spirit.

At our Pilates studio in West Hollywood, our mission is full-body harmony. We believe in the power of one-on-one instruction, striving to create the best possible workout and the most direct path to achieving your health and longevity goals. We see movement as a healing modality, transforming the traditional fitness paradigm and making joy and ease integral components of the wellness journey.

Our clients’ testimonials speak volumes about our unique approach. One shared, "From the moment you step into the West Hollywood Pilates, you feel a sense of calm. I have been working with Yonatan for the past 9 months and in that time, my body moves with more ease and much less pain."

At West Hollywood Pilates, our priority is understanding you—the current state of your fitness, your personal needs, and your goals. From the very first session, you'll experience a tailor-made approach that ensures you feel appropriately challenged and immensely rewarded. That's why we're recognized as one of the best private Pilates studios in Los Angeles.

Join us in our sanctuary, and embark on a transformative journey towards strength, mobility, and connection. Discover the difference at West Hollywood Pilates.

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