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Embracing Functional Movement and Pilates: A Journey Towards Better Movement

Now that we've established the benefits of integrating functional movement and Pilates let's delve into how you can embrace this approach.

  1. Join a Class: At West Hollywood Pilates, our program is designed to seamlessly integrate Pilates with functional movement, helping you to maximize your potential.

  2. Embrace Daily Movements: Start viewing everyday activities as an opportunity to practice functional movements. Think about engaging your core when lifting groceries or maintaining good posture while sitting at your desk.

  3. Be Consistent: As with any fitness routine, consistency is key. A study by Rodrigues AB, et al. (1) found that regular Pilates practice over eight weeks led to significant improvements in functional movement in elderly women.

  4. Mindful Movements: Slow down, be present, and focus on your movements. This will not only make your movements more effective but also enhance your mind-body connection.

Start your journey towards better movement today at West Hollywood Pilates. Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way. References

  1. Rodrigues AB, de Oliveira RJ, Soares R, et al. The effects of Pilates method on functional performance of elderly women: a randomized controlled trial. Rev Bras Geriatr Gerontol. 2019;22(6):e190142. doi:10.1590/1981-22562019022.190142

Emphasizing strength and mobility: a motivated woman seamlessly integrating a kettlebell into her Pilates routine at our top-tier West Hollywood Pilates studio, showcasing our commitment to functional movement.

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