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Is Reformer Pilates Better Than Mat Pilates?

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Enter the realm of Pilates, and you're met with an exciting dilemma: Reformer or Mat? Both have distinct advantages, and the choice truly depends on personal preference and goals.

Reformer Pilates: This involves a special apparatus that offers resistance through its springs and pulleys. The reformer can intensify the workout, making it challenging and offering more specific muscle engagement1. The support allows the body to learn deeper connection and awareness.

Mat Pilates: Here, it's just you, the mat, and gravity. It focuses on using your body weight and can be practiced almost anywhere. Mat exercises lay the foundation and often translate to movements on the reformer. Considered the most challenging form of Pilates, every apparatus in Pilates is designed to bring you back to the Mat.

Neither is strictly "better." Both reformer and mat workouts can improve strength, flexibility, and balance. It's about finding what aligns best with your personal goals and how you like to work out. Fortunately at West Hollywood Pilates we use both to bring you into the best shape of your life, feeling strong and flexible at the same time.

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