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The Balanced Body’s Contrology Series: A Touch of Authenticity to Your Pilates Experience

When it comes to Pilates, not all equipment is created equal. The design, craftsmanship, and the guiding philosophy behind the equipment can deeply influence your Pilates experience. That’s why at West Hollywood Pilates, we chose to use the Balanced Body's Contrology series equipment - based on the original specifications of Joe Pilates himself, allowing us to provide an authentic and enriching Pilates experience to our clients.

Why Choose the Balanced Body's Contrology Series?

The Contrology series of equipment was designed with a keen eye for detail and reverence for Joe Pilates’ original designs. This collection provides practitioners with a unique blend of traditional Pilates philosophy and modern comfort and functionality.

1. Authentic Design: The Contrology series keeps Joe Pilates' original specifications in mind, from the dimensions and materials used, right down to the tension of the springs. This makes the Contrology series a great choice for those seeking an authentic Pilates experience.

2. Modern Comfort: While staying true to the original designs, the Contrology series also incorporates modern materials and manufacturing techniques for added comfort and durability.

3. Enhanced Performance: The use of precision springs in the Contrology series provides consistent and smooth resistance that enhances the efficacy of each exercise, allowing you to get the most out of your Pilates workout.

Experience the Difference

Our clients notice the difference when using the Contrology series equipment. As one client puts it, "Studying Pilates with Yonatan has been the most transformative practice or exercise experience of my life...I've never looked forward to exercising more."


Whether you're a seasoned Pilates practitioner or a newbie, the Balanced Body's Contrology series equipment offers a chance to experience Pilates as Joe Pilates intended. Come visit us at West Hollywood Pilates and experience the difference for yourself.

"Best Pilates West Hollywood offers, captured in an image of a dedicated man practicing on a Contrology tower at our LA Pilates Studio."

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